February 8th - Cambridge, Iowa

Our destination this week is Cambridge, Iowa! This city of around 819 (as of 2000) was established in 1856 and shares its name with two famous college towns; Cambridge in England with the second oldest University in the English speaking world, and Cambridge, Massachusetts which is home to Harvard and MIT. While the Iowa version of Cambridge cannot claim to have it's own college it is only a few miles away from Ames, home to Iowa State University.

If I was really reaching for a reason to visit I could also say that Cambridge is the name of a song by one of my favourite bands, Motion City Soundtrack. But I'm not so I won't :-).

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What sights do you think we should look to document in Cambridge? Have your own interesting shots of this place? Feel free to share them via the comments section below!

City of Cambridge, Iowa website
Wikipedia article for Cambridge, Iowa (as it stands today)

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