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June 6th - Dallas County, Iowa

As posted on Twitter , for last weekend's trip we headed to Dallas County, Iowa and here (finally!) is the trip report! Traveling along Highway 141 was not only a quick method of getting to Dallas county, but also provided several interesting cities to photograph. We managed to visit Granger (with it's "Hot" and "Cold" water towers), Woodward (with a really nice sculpture outside the High school and distinctive yellow water tower), Bouton (with it's Sauerkraut days!) and Perry (with an historic hotel & Carnegie Library , unfortunately neither of which we had time to get good shots of!) Granger, Iowa Woodward, Iowa Bouton, Iowa Perry, Iowa 27 shots were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, with eight added to Wikipedia. Links Granger, Iowa pictures on Wikimedia Commons Updated Granger, Iowa article on Wikipedia Woodward, Iowa pictures on Wikimedia Commons Updated Woodward, Iowa article on Wikipedia Bouton, Iowa pictures on Wikimedia Commons Updated

Now, where were we?

As you may have noticed things have been a bit quiet on the site for the past couple of weeks. Well I'm happy to report that we are still dedicated to bringing you photographs of random Iowa places, and now that "real life" is no longer in the way we will be back on the road again! Thanks for your patience and look for new content coming soon!