August 2nd - Brooklyn, Iowa

After indicating back in May that this city was on our list, we finally made it last month to Brooklyn, Iowa! Fortunately on the day of our visit it was very windy, which helped show off this "Community of Flags". In addition to the central display of flags from all 50 states there are also flags from other nations throughout the downtown area.

I discovered two (of I am sure many) interesting stories about Brooklyn while researching for this post. Firstly, that the community (again, of about 1,400) raised $52,000 in one month to save the William Manatt house, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Secondly,, that the editor of The Brooklyn Paper spent a week in the city covering the Iowa Presidential caucuses.

9 shots were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, with two added to the updated article on Wikipedia. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Brooklyn, Iowa pictures on Wikimedia Commons
Updated Brooklyn, Iowa article on Wikipedia
"Friendly Brooklyn knows how to get things done - The Gazette /

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