January 25th - Lost Nation, Iowa

Our second stop for this Sunday is the interestingly named Lost Nation, Iowa. There appears to be no definitive origin for the name of this city, although legend tells of a German looking for a lost nation in the area or inhabitants of the Nation river in Canada finding their lost people here. This city of around 500 (as of 2000) was also one of the filming locations for an upcoming remake of Children of the Corn! The city website has a link to a nice gallery of shots taken during filming.

In fact, there were several movies shot in Iowa during 2008. Hopefully we will be able to visit a few more of these locations for you over the coming months.

What sights do you think we should look to document in Lost Nation? Have your own interesting shots of this place? Feel free to share them via the comments section below!

City of Lost Nation, Iowa website
Wikipedia article for Lost Nation, Iowa (as it stands today)

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