January 11th - Pleasantville, Iowa

Here is the report and photos from our trip to Pleasantville.

Simply, what a wonderful place! Almost immediately after arriving we found a couple of good shots, and it kept getting better from there. We located all of our planned targets, although we could not drive around Shadle Park to photograph the memorial garden due to the snow. Maybe a trip back during spring or summer is in order!

One thing I found really interesting about the place is that, in this age where chain stores are everywhere (our prior destination of Ankeny being a prime example), there were practically none to be found in Pleasantville. The gas station, grocery store, coffee shop / soda fountain and restaurant were all (or at least appeared to be) 100% "Mom & Pop". It is a shame Dave Gorman didn't drive through Iowa as I'm sure he would have loved it! We saw a police car drive by us at least four times during our hour or so there, which was initially nice to see until I wondered if they were checking up on a call about "some strange people taking photos all over town"!

From about 100 total 15 photos were selected for addition to Wikimedia Commons, and four of these have been added to the Pleasantville article on Wikipedia. Below are a couple of my favourites.

Any comments or suggestions you have are appreciated, and check back soon for details on our next stop!

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