January 25th - Preston, Iowa

Without the usual mystery due to it being Saturday already, here are our destinations for this week!

First up is Preston, Iowa. Established in 1870, Incorporated in 1890 and with a current population of almost 1,000, this city features in not one or two but four of our themes for this journey!

* Preston is the name of several towns and cities in the UK, including the most well known in Lancashire
* The United States has 13 other Preston's located in 12 states
* There are also Preston's in Canada and Australia; and
* Preston, Idaho was the location and setting for the film Napoleon Dynamite

With nothing specific identified so far we will be going in expecting big things from this city of many themes!

Source: Wikipedia. Author:Seanyb123

What sights do you think we should look to document in Preston? Have your own interesting shots of this place? Feel free to share them via the comments section below!

City of Preston, Iowa website
Wikipedia article for Preston, Iowa (as it stands today)
Wikipedia disambiguation page for Preston, listing all of the other towns & cities

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